My name is Susan. I am married to a wonderful man who serves the Lord through writing and editing. Although I married late and never had children of my own, I now claim a large family of kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids from my husband’s family.

I love the Lord God and seek to serve Him in all I do. We attend a non-denominational church where both my husband and I have served and even had the pleasure of teaching. Our relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the most important relationship we possess. We have learned that when we put Him first in all that we do, He provides blessings beyond measure.

As the title of my site suggests, I currently travel a great deal for my job. I work for a company that provides outsourced information technology to colleges and universities, and most of the time I can be found in airports, hotels, or some institution of higher learning.

I don’t really enjoy writing, and normally leave that up to my very gifted husband, but I have felt the prompting for some time to write. So this is my (perhaps somewhat feeble) attempt at putting some thoughts down in written format and sharing some of my journeys – both physical and spiritual.

If you stumble upon the site, I hope you enjoy!